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GST calendar helps every registered business and professionals to be ready for compliance well in advance. GST Dates are crucial for every taxpayer to file the GST returns and prescribed forms under the GST law to avoid incurring any interest or late fee.

                                                                                     GST Date Calendar                                 
GSTR-3B (May.2021 जुलाई 20th,2021 GSTR-3B (Apr-Jun,2021 जुलाई 22,24 2021
GSTR-1 (May 2021) जुलाई 26th, 2021 IFF (Optional) May 2021 जुलाई 28th, 2021
GSTR-1 (Apr-Jun, 2021) जुलाई 13th, 2021 CMP-08 (Apr-Jun,2021) जुलाई 18th, 2021
GSTR-4 (2020-21 जुलाई 31st, 2021
GSTR-5 (May 2021) जून 30th, 2021 GSTR-5A (May 2021 जून 20th, 2021
GSTR-6 (May 2021) जून 30th, 2021 GSTR-7 (May 2021) जून 30th 2021
GSTR-8 (May 2021) जून 30th 2021 RFD-10 18 months after the end of
quarter for which refund is to be claimed

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